FAI confirms 12 team division for Airtricity Premier Division next season

The governing body for football in Ireland has resolved to maintain a 12-team top flight next season after meetings were held between clubs and league management
The FAI has confirmed that there will be a 12-team Airtricity Premier Division next season after a series of meetings between the Airtricity League board of management and participating clubs.

League chief Fran Gavin said: "The board has the opinion that the 12-team Premier Division works," before adding that, "with promotion and relegation, there is something to play for right up until the end of the season."

There had been a notable divergence between clubs, with First Division clubs in favour of a single division, whereas clubs in the Premier Divison were generally in favour of the status quo and Gavin admitted that he was sympathetic towards the desires of First Division clubs, saying that he understood their frustration.

According to a report in the Irish Independent, eight clubs were in favour of a single division and eight others favoured the status quo, while there were also absentions.

With the proposal to maintain a 12-team top-flight, there exists a distinct possibility that the First Division, which currently has eight participants, may only have seven next season and as a result, the FAI has confirmed that it is seeking interested clubs for participation next season.