'The main aim is to do well for St Pat's' - St Patrick's Athletic striker Christy Fagan puts the team first in Europa League tie

The in-form striker has played down the idea that he wants to leave Richmond Park but admits that the allure of German football is tempting
St Patrick's Athletic striker Christy Fagan says his side's Europa League tie with Hannover 96 is a chance for players to 'catch the eye'.

Speaking to the Evening Herald, Fagan said that despite being happy at Inchicore, impressing scouts is always in the back of a player's mind.

"Trying to impress scouts or whatever is not the main objective for us heading out to Germany," said Fagan "But it is in the back of our minds.

"Things happen very quickly in football. All it can take is you having one good game that a manager or a scout has seen and you could get a move out of it."

He continued: "A few players in this squad would love to get a move to a big league and I'm no different. Getting the chance to play in a league like the one in Germany would be amazing.

"So the game is a chance for us to catch the eye, especially as the game is on TV out there, but the main aim is to do well for St Pat's and give a good account of ourselves. It's almost impossible for us to win the tie now but we can at least try to win the game on the night."

Fagan, who recently won the Airticity League Player of the Month award for July, said that he was not 'desperate' to leave Richmond Park, but conceded that he was envious of the relative wealth of the German game, saying that it was a 'different world' to the Irish game.

"I'm not desperate to leave," he said. "We are well treated at St Pat's and we don't want for anything in terms of training and facilities, but seeing them last week and the resources they have it does make you wish you could have a bit of that, especially when you hear that they're on an average wage of €26,000 a week.

"There's a lot of money in German football. We were told what the average wage of the Hannover players was and it's in a different world to what we earn in Ireland, so it would be an attractive place to go."

He continued: "Hopefully we can do well tomorrow. It's a big test for us and I think we can do better than we did in the home leg.

"We had a couple of chances. I missed two decent opportunities, so if we can create more we might be able to cause an upset, at least get a result on the night," concluded the striker.