Limerick FC owner Pat O'Sullivan hopes to stage tournament in Thomond Park next year

Limerick owner Pat O'Sullivan and promoter Damien O'Brien want to host a tournament in Thomond Park but say that they have to overcome difficulties with the FAI
The owner of Limerick Football Club, Pat O'Sullivan has indicated his desire to hold a glamour friendly tournament in Limerick next year and believes that the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) should get behind the idea.

Limerick recently played a friendly with English Premier League champions Manchester City at Thomond Park, attracting a crowd of approximately 20,000.

The promoter Damien O'Brien along with O'Sullivan had attempted to arrange a similar fixture but were impeded by the FAI who argued that they were arranging their own tournament similar to the Dublin Super Cup. However, no tournament materialised.

"I said it to the one minister who was there, Jan O'Sullivan -- Michael Noonan was to come but he is a busy man -- that this is a no-brainer. This city is very quiet for July and August," O'Sullivan told the Irish Independent.

"If the government puts up a euro, private people will put up another euro to bring really good projects here."

He added: "I would love if we could make a tournament out of it because we would have hotels full maybe Friday, Saturday and Sunday and (fans) going home on Monday.

"And we would have Thomond Park full two nights. Why not? Look at the austerity and problems that this country has.

"Thomond Park is the most cost- effective stadium in the country. This is made available to us to make sure the project happens so there is brilliant co-operation all round."

Meanwhile, O'Brien suggested that perhaps Barcelona or Real Madrid could be invited next year and says that the FAI should get behind the idea, adding that it would not be a problem 'in any other country'.

"Next year, we will look to bring the likes of Manchester City. Or maybe a Manchester United, a Liverpool, Barcelona or Real Madrid. Those kind of teams," he said.

"We tried to have the tournament this year but were not given the rights to it so we had to find something else."

He continued: "Grassroots football in the country needs this, to see the top players coming over here. The FAI should get behind this.

"We would not have this difficulty in any other country and I cannot understand why we cannot get games sanctioned more easily here," he concluded.