Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce lends support to goal-line technology following Sepp Blatter's declaration that it is a necessity

Former IFA president believes that goal-line technology should be brought in as soon as possible because the stakes are so high in the modern game
Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce has backed president Sepp Blatter in supporting the introduction of goal-line technology. The former Irish Football Association (IFA) president has said that it is a "crazy situation" that it is still not in place.

Ukraine became the latest victims of the lack of technology when replays showed that a goal against England at Euro 2012 should have been given.

In the aftermath of the game, Sepp Blatter stated that technology was a necessity. However Uefa president Michel Platini defended the goal-line official, who made the wrong call.

“With five, officials see everything. They don't take decisions without being fully aware,” said Mr Platini.

However, speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mr Boyce said: “I’ve been an advocate for goal-line technology for a long time and I have never met a European referee who isn’t supportive of it.”

“I think it’s a crazy situation that we don’t have it and the England incident is further proof of the need for it."

He continued: "We are talking about using technology to determine issues of indisputable fact — such as a ball crossing the line — not for other decisions where opinion comes into play."

The Belfast man believes the high stakes that currently exist in modern football dictate that technology is necessary.

“I would bring it in for the new Premier League season if it was possible," said Boyce. "There is so much money and prestige in the game and we have got to get the very big calls right.”