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The Wolves forward quipped that a poor playing surface would boost his team's chances when they take on the world champions

Kevin Doyle has waded in on Spain's 'Watergate' controversy by cheekily suggesting that the pitch in Gdansk should be ploughed instead of watered to Spanish specifications on Thursday.

Ireland's Group C opponents have maintained their anger at the condition of the pitch for their draw with Italy on Sunday. Under Uefa rules a team can veto the proposal to water the playing surface at half time but Doyle has suggested they go further.

"I didn't know there was anyone unhappy with it," he said. "I don't know what the pitch in Gdansk is like. But if they plough it up, it might help us."

Italy upset the reigning European champions by asking Uefa not to turn on the sprinklers prior to their opening-day stalemate. The Polish FA has dismissed criticism, stating the 'same procedure is used for all matches.'

Meanwhile, the FAI confirmed that 'Uefa regulations ensure that the pitch is watered up to 75 minutes before the kick off and there is the option to do more at half time.'

Barcelona superstar Sergio Busquets kept up the heat on the authorities arguing that a dry pitch has a detrimental impact on Spain's passing game.

"Obviously, with a dry pitch it's harder to control the ball," he said.

"It makes passing more difficult and Spain's game is based on passing. It is up to Uefa and we hope the pitch will be better. It should be watered later to avoid injuries. We hope for a better pitch in the next match.

"All the teams are playing on the same pitch, but some teams, due to their different style of play, suffer more from a dry pitch than others," concluded Busquets.

Ireland meet Spain in Gdansk on Thursday with both sides needing three points to aid their qualification chances.