Dundalk insurance issue leaves club in 'severe financial difficulty'

An unpaid insurance claim has left the Louth outfit in serious trouble but discussions are ongoing in order to find a resoultion
Dundalk FC have released a statement concerning the unpaid insurance claim on a damaged Astro-Turf pitch at Hiney Park. The pitch was being held in bails and was 'maliciously' set alight in a deliberate attack.

The statement given to the Dundalk Democrat reads:

‘As has been indicated via many media outlets over the last number of weeks Dundalk FC is currently experiencing severe financial difficulties. One of the revenue streams that we were depending on was a settlement claim in relation to our 3G Artificial Surface that was maliciously burned.

‘There have been ongoing and intense discussions between all parties involved, Kelleher Insurance, Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Travellers Insurance based in Dublin, in relation to getting a favourable resolution to this matter. We expect to have positive news on this early this week.

‘Given that all other revenue streams are reduced the money from this settlement claim is the most important income coming into the club at present and will allow us to pay players and creditors going forward.

‘We would be very disappointed if there was not a favourable response as this is a claim we have been pursuing and counting on to pay wages for some time now.

‘If there isn’t a favourable response it will be a major blow to the club. This claim coupled with continued reductions in other revenue streams will put the club in a perilous situation where we will have no money to pay players, staff and creditors this coming week and in the weeks ahead.

‘We will keep everyone informed in relation to this matter.’