Mourinho frustrated by Foy snub after red card shame

The Chelsea boss was sent to the stands during the Blues' 1-0 loss at Aston Villa but insisted he only wanted speak to the referee for "five seconds"
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was left frustrated with referee Chris Foy after being sent off as the league leaders crashed to a 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa at Villa Park.

The Blues fell to a second-half winner from midfielder Fabian Delph, while Brazilian duo Willian and Ramires both saw red for the visitors after the break.

Mourinho, too, was sent off - but insists he only wanted to speak to referee Foy for "five seconds," something the official denied him by sending him to the stands.

"I prefer not to comment because I don't want to be accused of bringing the game into disrepute," he told Sky Sports.

"I prefer to do what we have to do in football. We have to let it go and not comment because if you do you are in trouble.

"If I speak I am in big trouble. The referees do what they do. They do it and go home and don't go to the press.

"They do and they refuse to change a couple of words when one person like me who is in football for so long asks can you speak with me for five seconds.

"No I don't speak with you for five seconds. I have to keep with my position which compared to referees' position is nothing and I have to go home. I asked "can you give me just five seconds Mr Foy?". No. That’s fine, I have to accept."

The 51-year-old also insisted that he tried to speak to the referee and his assistants after the game, suggesting that the referee showed no "common sense" by bluntly dismissing him even then.

He continued: "I ask for five seconds to make one simple question and I have no chance because I was sent to the stands. I try to ask one question to Mr Foy and Mr Moss.

"Is it possible that Agbonlahor can leave the bench and goes and grabs my player from behind round his neck. Is it possible no red or yellow card. I didn't have the chance to ask and I was sent to the stands.

"I tried to speak with Mr Foy twice. I tried on the pitch and I tried in the dressing rooms and in the dressing rooms I just asked politely "can you give me five seconds?" and he refused. This is not about conventions, this is about common sense.

"If you see that somebody is out of control and is trying to speak to you – okay, convention. If you see that everyone is calm and nobody is screaming then that is not convention."