'He was swimming in the box' - Mancini accuses Ashley Young of diving

The war of words continues ahead of Sunday's Manchester derby, with the City boss reminding Sir Alex about his own team's dodgy penalty decisions
Roberto Mancini has accused Manchester United midfielder Ashley Young of diving ahead of Sunday's Manchester derby.

The 48-year-old highlighted Young's tumble at Old Trafford against Aston Villa last season that won the Red Devils a crucial penalty.

"I remember very well last year when Young was swimming in the box," Mancini told The Sun.

"Four or five times in the last 10 games and no-one said anything. Fergie is clever for this."

The City boss criticised England international Young's perceived theatrics in response to Sir Alex Ferguson's comments about United's 'noisy neighbours'.

The Scot had earlier questioned the amount of penalties the defending champions have been awarded at the Etihad Stadium.

"If we got that number of penalty kicks, there'd be an inquiry in the House of Commons," The 70-year-old commented.

Since August 2010, City have been awarded 20 Premier League spot kicks at home, while United have only recieved 13.