Redknapp: I’ve stopped attending games case I get linked to a club

The former Tottenham manager admits he has stopped watching Premier League matches in person to prevent speculation of him being the next boss at different teams
Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has revealed he no longer attends Premier League matches just in case his attendance is mistaken as a link to a particular club.

Following his departure from White Hart Lane back in June, the 65-year-old has been linked with a host of clubs including Ipswich and Bournemouth.

The 65-year-old recently rejoined League One outfit Bournemouth in an advisory role, but insists he won't be taking a managerial position with the south of England side any time soon. Redknapp admitted taking a break from football is hard, but says he has enjoyed it.

"It is difficult you know but at the moment I will be honest with you Ian mate, I quite enjoyed the break in a way, it hasn't been a problem for me," he told Ian Wright on Absolute Radio.

"I follow, I watch all the games on TV, I haven't been going to any Premier League games.

"I don't want to [have the situation of] 'What is he doing here, he's after the job or something?' So I keep out the way, I have been going to Bournemouth and I definitely don't want a job there.

"There's certainly nothing in any of [links to clubs], I have never spoken to anybody about going.

"I have had offers to go abroad, quite a few offers from some decent clubs to be honest, but in this country there's nothing happening at the moment, it's too early.

"If it was a good club, that I thought had a chance of going up and going somewhere it wouldn't be a problem.

"I enjoy football, wherever I go, I have got no divine rights so I'm only going to manage so and so. If it is a good job and I fancy having a go I would do it."