Wigan chairman Whelan: Wages need to be controlled in football

The Latics owner feels players' pay packets are spiralling out of control and wants the Premier League to introduce restrictions to stop clubs being overwhelmed by vast earnings

Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan wants the Premier League to put a salary cap in place to control rocketing wage bills.

Players' pay has increased rapidly over the last decade with more money coming into the game from television revenue and wages could rise even further with a new inflated TV deal coming in the 2013-14 season.

Whelan feels action needs to be taken from the game's governing bodies to ensure teams are not overwhelmed by the rise in pay packets.

He has also warned that even top teams such as Manchester United could suffer if something is not done to stop the spiralling salaries.

"We all agree that there now needs to be controls over wages - even Manchester United agree," Whelan told Wigan Today.

"[United chief executive] David Gill has made it clear he would support some kind of control, how the controls are put into place is the tricky bit.

"Personally I wouldn't be afraid to take the toughest route of all and have a ceiling on how much each club can pay in wages. A salary limit needs to be enforced."

Whilst not prominent in European sport, salary caps have existed in America for a number of years, including in the NFL where the system has succeeded to bring financial control and equal opportunities of victory to the game.