Premier League top three lose out on TV revenue following Chelsea Champions League triumph

Fourth-placed Spurs would have received 10% of English clubs' television cash but now the Blues will receive 30% as reigning champions, meaning City, United and Arsenal suffer

Chelsea's Champions League triumph in Munich means the Premier League’s top three clubs will miss out on vital television revenue.

The amount an English club receive from Uefa for qualifying for the Champions League depends on where they placed in the league.

The team which wins the Premier League can usually expect a cut of 40%, while second place receive 30%, third place 20% and fourth 10%.

However, the Blues' triumph over German giants Bayern Munich means fourth-placed Spurs will now miss out on Europe’s premier club competition and the share of the television revenue has to be recalculated to account for Chelsea qualifying as reigning champions.

Therefore, the Blues can now expect a cut of 30%, meaning City will see their share of the revenue decreased by 10% while United and Arsenal will lose 5% of their cut.

The recalculated figures show City will now receive £3 million less than their expected £12m for winning the Premier League, while United and Arsenal will see their cuts reduced by £1.5m to £7.5m and £4.5m, respectively.