Central African Republic goalkeeper Geoffrey Lembet loses a tooth during Egypt clash

The Fauves goalkeeper says he lost a tooth and broke his nose following a collision with a player during their 3-2 surprising win against the Pharaohs in the 2013 Afcon qualifying

The Central African Republic national team goalkeeper Geoffrey Lembet told reporters in Bangui on Monday that he lost a tooth and had a nose fracture during his side’s 3-2 dazzling win over Egypt in Alexandria on Friday in the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations first round qualifying.

The 23-year-old keeper of French club Sedan lost his cool after a collision with an Egyptian player on 53rd minutes, pulling off his gloves, hurling them, and punching the left post several times to protest against the referee for being lenient with the player.

Contrary to what the local media reported on Monday in Egypt, Lembet said he did not go mad because he was asked to be carried out of the pitch to receive treatment but because the referee failed to warn the Egyptian forward.

“Imagine, I was bleeding after the collision. A tooth fell out of my mouth, my nose was broken and the referee was telling me the Egyptian guy did nothing wrong because he played the ball,” Lembet said.

“I lost my anger that instance and reacted like I’d never before. I was expecting a red card or at least a yellow from the referee, but he was justifying the bruises the Egyptian player caused on me,” he said.

CAR will host the Pharaohs in Bangui for the return and decisive leg on June 30.