Uli Hoeness: Low must get tough with Germany's players

The World Cup winner believes time has come for national boss Low to become have a more regimented stance with squad

Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness believes current Germany boss Joachim Low must become tougher with his players.

Hoeness believes the national side has struggled in the past due to the squad being allowed too much freedom and has called on Low to adopt a more disciplinarian approach in their current World Cup qualifying campaign.

"[In the past there has been] too much talk about to which Formula One race they want to visit to keep the players happy," Hoeness told Spiegel.

"In the preparation everybody was discussing which ping-pong table was to be brought where, preferably on top of Mont Blanc. Sometimes less is more!

“Many players won't be treated as soft if they screw up [in the future] I'm sure Jogi Low has realised that already."

Germany play Ireland and Sweden on October 12 and 16 respectively.