Balotelli set to become a father

The Italy international's former girlfriend has revealed that she's pregnant with the attacker's child as they intend to get back together
Raffaella Fico, the former girlfriend of Mario Balotelli, has stated that the Manchester City attacker is due to become a father later this year.

The two split up earlier in 2012, but now intend to reconcile as they aim to raise the kid together.

"I called Mario at Italy's training camp the day before the semi-final against Germany. I asked him whether he remembered our conversation about the dream to become parents, and then told him that dream's about to come true as I'm pregnant with his child," Fico stated in an interview to Chi.

"He told me that it was the best news in the world. And the next day, he scored twice on the pitch. He never stopped loving me and we are rebuilding our relationship. He will be a great dad with a lot of affection."

Balotelli was one of six players to score three goals at Euro 2012, but missed out on the Golden Boot title as Fernando Torres provided one assist more than the former Inter star.