Conte insists he was not aware of any match-fixing at Siena

It has been alleged that the former Italy international knew about an agreement with Novara to play out a draw in their Serie B clash on April 30 2011, but he claims otherwise
Juventus boss Antonio Conte has reiterated that he was not aware of any match-fixing during his time in charge of Siena.

It has been alleged that the former Italy international was aware of a plot to arrange the outcome of a crucial Serie B clash with Novara on April 30, 2011 and the 42-year-old's house was searched on Monday as part of a police investigation into Scommessopoli.

However, Conte said that he has nothing to hide from the Cremona public prosecutor leading the corruption enquiry and insists that there was nothing untoward about Siena's return to the top flight last summer.

"My history as a football player and coach speaks for itself: you can ask my team-mates, my players and my opponents," he stated during a press conference on Monday. "But for all my honesty and integrity, I have been attacked with sticks.

"Last year with Siena we secured a promotion with sacrifices and hard work. It was an extraordinary year and I reiterate my non-involvement and that of my guys.

"Why did I not hear from the Cremona prosecutor before being investigated?"

It has also been reported Juve defender Leonardo Bonucci is also under suspicion in relation to a game between his former club, Bari, and Udinese during the 2009-10 Serie A season.

However, Bianconeri president Andrea Agnelli is adamant that neither Conte nor Bonucci have done anything wrong.

"This is a worrying picture for the world of football, which we are following with apprehension and bitterness, but Antonio Conte is not part of it," the Juve supremo declared.

"His role from what we are reading is nearly insignificant and then, we also know the man and his values of integrity and honesty.

"Juventus as a club, and I personally, are on the side of Antonio Conte and Leonardo Bonucci, who we have learned is to be investigated.

"We hope that Leo will have a great European Championship. Antonio is, and will be, our coach, who will guide us into the Champions League."

Earlier this month, Conte led Juve to their first official title since 2003 in his first season in charge of the Bianconeri.