Menezes: Barcelona did things that were tactically impossible

The Selecao coach believes that Barca are the benchmark in football following their impressive performances over the past few seasons
Brazil coach Mano Menezes has voiced his admiration for Barcelona and the way they have changed football in recent years.

Menezes is particularly impressed with the Catalans' tactical innovations, highlighting their ability to dominate games regardless of the formation they employ, thus setting an example for other teams.

"If you look at Barcelona, during recent years they’ve played every which way, using every tactical formation around," Menezes was quoted as saying on the official Fifa website.

"They did things that made you look and say to yourself: 'They can’t be doing that, it’s not tactically possible'.

"And, despite that, the team went on to achieve a great level of supremacy. That could only be possible with that squad, with those particular players.

"In football, winning teams always make a mark and have an influence over a given period. They go on to be hailed as examples to follow and, from that moment on, they change the way others behave."

Menezes has been in charge of Brazil's national side since the summer of 2010, and guided them to the silver medal at the London Olympics.