Khedira's Clasico goal was not offside, says former La Liga referee

Raul Garcia de Loza, who officiated in the Primera Division between 1984 and 1994, says he was impressed by the performance of Undiano Mallenco in Saturday's Clasico at Camp Nou
By Alberto Pinero

Former Liga referee Raul Garcia de Loza has asserted that Undiano Mallenco's decision to award Sami Khedira's opening goal during the Clasico on Saturday was the correct call.

There was slight controversy surrounding the match, which saw Real Madrid eventually beat Barcelona 2-1 at Camp Nou, as the German midfielder was adjudged by some to have been in an offside position - as well as shouts that centre-back Pepe had fouled his marker in the same passage of play.

However, speaking exclusively to after the match, Garcia de Loza stated: "In the first goal there was no foul by Pepe, nor was Khedira offside.

"He was played on by Adriano. Barcelona's goal is legit, just like Ronaldo's. There were no mistakes in the key plays."

Nonetheless, despite the odd debatable call, the 65-year-old revealed Mallenco has made a positive impression on him as he believes he handled the occasion admirably well given the circumstances of a Clasico derby.

"Undiano Mallenco officiated well tonight, he made no errors for most part," the former referee continued.

"In the second half, there was the odd card misjudgment, but not in the most important phases of play.

"It was a game of high tension but he kept it under control. He deserves a good mark [for his performance]."