Mexican clubs break away from FMF & form independent league

There have been several proposed changes to the Mexican league, which will format itself to be much like the English Premier League
Representatives of all 18 first division teams in Mexico decided unanimously to break away from the FMF and pursue an independent league styled after the English Premier League.

FMF general secretary Decio de Maria has been named the league's commissioner.

The new independent league, dubbed 'Liga Premier' by the local media, has proposed many changes from the older format. Similar to England's Barclays Premier League, the Mexican league is looking to have a designated sponsor. Expanding the league from 18 to 20 will also be strongly considered.

The relegation system, which currently sees the last six tournaments taken into account in order to demote a team, will be revised under the new proposal.

Also, a 0-0 draw would yield zero points for involved teams, a 1-1 draw would equal one point for each, and a 2-2 tie and beyond would be two points.