Fifa sanctions loom for Iran as re-elected IFF president Ali Kafashian faces trial

The Iranian government wants to overturn the decision to re-elect the Iranian football chief earlier this week, which is a move that may attract Fifa's attention again
Iran Football Federation (IFF) chief Ali Kafashian is facing a Judiciary prosecution, following his re-election to his post earlier this week.

It is understood, the Iranian government, through the Inspector General, wants to overturn the decision to re-elect Kafashian and appoint a government-selected chief.

In a statement, the Inspector General alleges “retired public employees cannot hold another public industry job and since Ali Kafashian falls into that category, he should resign”.

However, question marks have been raised about the concern, given the Iran Judiciary did not prosecute Kafashian in the past four years when he held the same job. 

The Inspector General even goes further by threatening to “prosecute those football committee members who cast their votes in favour of Kafashian’s re-election".

According to the Judiciary notice, Kafashian is set to appear in court on Saturday March 10, in a trial that puts Iranian football on Fifa's radar again.

If the trial of the re-elected football chief results in his conviction or resignation this week, Iranian football is likely to face Fifa sanctions. 

In November 2006, Iranian football was temporarily banned by Fifa from all competitions over the government’s direct appointment of a football chief at IFF Election.

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