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Premier League

  • 24 November 2012
  • • 15:00
  • • Goodison Park, Liverpool
  • Referee: M. Jones
  • • Attendance: 34502

Live Commentary

  • And that's it from a dramatic afternoon at Goodison Park, where Everton and Norwich both take a point.
  • As ever, controversy tinged the end of the match with Moyes unhappy about the Norwich free kick, but undoubtedly he will be fuming at the missed chances of the team.
  • The home side failed to move within one point of Chelsea after conceding Bassong's first ever Norwich goal! Hughton's side grabbing nothing less than they deserve.
  • 94'
    And that's full time! The home side are booed off after a 90 minute equaliser from Bassong.
  • 90' + 2'
    SubstitutionSteven Naismith Apostolos Vellios
    The first sub for Everton is the introduction of Vellios, who replaces the goalscorer Naismith.
  • 90'
    Assist Javier Garrido
  • 90'
    Goal S. Bassong
    GOAL!! Bassong's header crawls over the line to the pleasure of Hughton's side after a cross from Garrido.
  • 90'
    The free kick was by the touch-line, very close to the half way line but the looping ball confuses the Everton defence.
  • 89'
    SubstitutionRobert Snodgrass Simeon Jackson
    Snodgrass is brought off for Simeon Jackson, with Hughton's side now going for three in attack.
  • 88'
    Yellow Card Alexander Tettey
  • 88'
    Baines' effort is just over the bar, to the relief of Bunn.
  • 87'
    Yellow Card Javier Garrido
    Garrido brings down Oviedo just outside the Norwich penalty area. The defender is booked and Baines looks to line up for a shot.
  • 87'
    Tettey runs out towards Baines before the free-kick is taken and he is booked by the referee.
  • 85'
    Now a Norwich chance! A headed effort is parried away by Howard and his defence clear up the rest by passing the ball up to the half-way line after Pilkington's attempt.
  • 83'
    A chance for Naismith to wrap up the game! The goalscorer runs towards the light Norwich defence and tries to cross the ball to the waiting Oviedo but it goes off for a goal kick.
  • 82'
    Yellow Card John Heitinga
  • 82'
    SubstitutionJohn Ruddy Mark Bunn
  • 82'
    Baines overhits the corner and pressure on Norwich is relieved. The visitors then go up towards the Everton goal but a smart header from Distin helps clear the ball.
  • 80'
    A corner for Everton. But play is delayed as Ruddy is substituted for Bunn who will be thrown into the deep end as his side defend a corner.
  • 78'
    Whittaker collects the ball from the half-way line and crosses the ball into the Everton penalty area, but the ball flies over all the attackers and a goal-kick is awarded is to Everton.
  • 77'
    Ruddy looks to have picked up an injury, with the goalkeeper calling upon his defence to take the goal kicks.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionWesley Hoolahan Steve Morison
    The first substitution of the game has seen Norwich take off Hoolahan, bringing on Morrison. The Canaries look like they want to take something out of the game!
  • 73'
    Both sides failing to create a chain of passes so Baines decides to go on his own! The defender forces a save from Ruddy but Norwich beat Naismith to clear the ball.
  • 70'
    Chance! Snodgrass with a chance but it's cleared off the line by Heitinga! Everton go back deep into the Norwich half but Pienaar's cross fails to connect with anyone and is cleared by Norwich.
  • 68'
    Yellow Card Bradley Johnson
    First booking of the game for Norwich's Bradley Johnson, who makes a clumsy tackle deep in the Everton half.
  • 63'
    Whittaker concedes a free kick just in the Norwich half as Pienaar and the defender collide as they both reach for a 50/50 ball. The free kick goes off for an Everton corner however.
  • 60'
    The first dangerous attack from Everton in the second half is a header from Distin. The centre-back however headed the ball straight into the hands of Ruddy following a Hitzlsperger cross.
  • 58'
    Chance! Holt gets the ball after a long-range through ball from the Norwich defence. Howard with another great save to prevent Holt scoring from the one-on-one.
  • 56'
    Pilkington with a great free kick, heading for the top-left corner. A smart save from Howard however keeps Everton's lead. Norwich looking very dangerous since the start of the second half.
  • 54'
    Pressure is lifted on the home team as the referee gives Everton a free kick after Holt has a little tussle with Distin. Osman is caught offside however and the ball is passed back into the Everton half where Heitinga concedes a free kick just outside of the penalty area.
  • 51'
    Holt goes down after being fouled by Distin. The striker's already taken a few knocks this half.
  • 49'
    Holt wins a free kick from an Osman foul just outside the box but the ball flies over the bar after Tetley hits the rebound too powerfully.
  • 46'
    Norwich begin the half with a well-worked move, passing the ball across the width of the field. Everton begin the half struggling to regain possession, before Distin kicks the ball off the pitch for a Norwich throw.
  • The teams make their way back onto the pitch for the second half, with Norwich kicking off this time.
  • Everton look the stronger side at half-time, but Moyes will go in the happier man with his team leading at the break. The home side will feel they can get a another goal or two in the second half but Everton's defence were becoming more exposed in the later periods of the half, which Holt and company could look to utilise.
  • The referee blows for half-time after Snodgrass fails to make use of a free-kick awarded at the expense of Baines.
  • 45'
    Two minutes of added time.
  • 43'
    Holt is caught offside again but Everton give away possession with a long pass. They quickly reclaim the ball however.
  • 41'
    A corner for Norwich after Pienaar heads the ball clear. Snodgrass takes the corner but little comes of the opportunity for Hughton's side.
  • 39'
    Howard clears the ball down the field to Naismith who appeals for a foul, but no whistle is blown and the ball rolls out for a Norwich goal-kick.
  • 36'
    A corner for Everton after the ball goes off Bassong, but a foul is given to Norwich after Whittaker appears to be shoved by Jelavic.
  • 34'
    Naismith, Jelavic and Hitzlsperger all involved in a smart Everton move of short passes, confusing the Norwich defence. Ruddy with another good save by rushing out to collect the ball, beating Naismith who would've had a very good chance to double Everton's lead.
  • 32'
    Osman with a chance from outside the area following a Baines cross, all resulting from the free-kick. Ruddy with a comfortable save however.
  • 30'
    Bassong puts in a strong challenge against his former Tottenham team-mate Pienaar but manages to escape without a caution.
  • 29'
    Norwich look dangerous in midfield, with Snodgrass and Tetley passing the ball around the field stretching play. Tetley looks for Hoolahan on the wing but over-hits the pass which results in an Everton goal-kick.
  • 26'
    Baines collects the ball from the goal-kick and passes to Oviedo. He then spots Naismith in the middle of the pitch who gives the ball to Pienaar who was running up the touchline. He slides the ball to Jelavic who is flagged offside however.
  • 25'
    Holt with a wasted opportunity! The striker weaves his way just outside of the penalty area with a clear shot on goal. The Englishman fails to hit the target however.
  • 24'
    Norwich try to diagonally cross the ball into Hoolahan, but Norwich are caught offside for the fourth time this match.
  • 22'
    Everton are looking dangerous on the attack forcing Bennett into a few long clearances. Fortunately for Norwich, Everton can't seem to connect with Jelavic in the final third.
  • 19'
    Baines dribbles down the left side of the field, and gradually edges his way down the field where he crosses the ball into Jelavic. The Croatian fails to connect with the incoming ball and it goes off for a Norwich goal-kick.
  • 17'
    A penalty shout! Naismith goes down just outside the inside the penalty area but the referee waves play on, to the relief of Tetley.
  • 15'
    The home side get close again with an effort from Osman but Ruddy saves the chance by tipping the ball away.
  • 13'
    Norwich look to bounce back immediately forcing a corner from the home side but it's comfortably cleared. Hoolahan picks up the loose ball but shoots it wide.
  • 13'
    More on the goal - Baines collects the ball from the Ruddy's goal-kick where he lobs the ball to Oviedo to the surprise of Whittaker. He crosses the ball to an unmarked Naismith to give the lead to the home side.
  • 12'
    Assist Bryan Oviedo
  • 12'
    Goal Steven Naismith
    GOAL!! 1-0 to Everton! Naismith goal!
  • 9'
    Everton attack from the offside free kick, with Osman working his way to the corner flag after some inter-play with Jagielka. Bassong forces it out for a throw-in but Jelavic fails to head the crossed ball and it goes off for a Norwich goal-kick.
  • 7'
    Snodgrass collects the ball off Tettey who claimed the ball from an Everton throw in the Norwich half. This forces a foul from Hitzlsperger but little comes from the free-kick, with Norwich being flagged as offside again.
  • 5'
    Some sloppy passing from Norwich forced Bassong to hit the ball out for a throw, with Bassong catching Pienaar on the way through. The Everton midfielder looks to be in pain but hobbles his way to his feet.
  • 3'
    Johnson passes the ball to Garrido, where the ball creeps through to Holt who is then flagged as offside, to the relief of Jagielka and Distin.
  • 2'
    The ball sneaks through to the Norwich box where Naismith claims the ball from a long pass back in the Everton half. He passes it to Osman where he shoots the ball inches wide of the far post.
  • 1'
    Everton have kicked us off!
  • A win for Everton can see them shorten the gap behind Chelsea to only one point. But Norwich can level points with Tottenham if Hughton's side grab a victory today at Goodison Park.
  • And it's handshakes all around for the two teams as kick-off is only minutes away!
  • Everton and Norwich are on their way out, to a loud ovation from the fans.
  • Norwich come into the game following their 1-0 win last week against Manchester United, whereas Everton will be looking to put their defeat against Reading behind them with a convincing victory today.
  • The Norwich team is: Ruddy, Garrido, Bassong, R.Bennett, Whittaker, Pilkington, Johnson, Tettey, Snodgrass, Hoolahan, Holt. Subs: Bunn, L.Bennett, Tierney, Howson, E. Bennett, Morison, Jackson.
  • The Everton team is as follows: Howard; Jagielka, Baines, Heitinga, Distin; Hitzlsperger, Osman; Oviedo, Naismith, Pienaar; Jelavic. Subs:  Mucha, Duffy, Hibbert, Gueye, Barkley, Vellios, Kennedy.
  • Good afternoon! I'm Matt Davis and welcome to's live commentary of Everton - Norwich at Goodison Park.