Adokie Amasiemeka: Soccerex has highlighted Nigeria’s football challenges

The former Green Eagle believes that the international seminar has helped to foist the problems of Nigerian football on the front burner

Adokie Amasiemeka, former player in the national team that first won the Africa Cup of Nations for Nigeria in 1980 believes the Soccerex seminar that is ongoing in Lagos has come at the right to highlight the challenges that Nigerian football has faced for some time.

The man fondly known as ‘Chief Justice’ said that the challenges that are being faced by the Nigerian football community is not a new one but the seminar has come to put current focus on them.

“All that we have said here or will say in the course of this seminar have been expounded before – what we hope will happen is that the administrators will take note now,” Amasiemeka told at the venue of the seminar.

“We need to address the fundamental problems being faced or else all that we will be applying are mere palliatives.

“We will still be going into matches, tournaments and competitions with a result mentality which does not augur well for the development of the game in the country.”

The former left winger also added that our administrators know what to do to move the game forward and they will have to do that if we want to see results in the country.

The first day witnessed a key note address by Governor Babatunde Fashola in which he emphasised the importance of partnering with Soccerex to help true development of football in Lagos.

The seminar ends on Friday, September 28, but the Lagos Football Association has signed a four-year deal that will continue to bring football stakeholders to Lagos.