Barcelona have not won La Liga yet, warns Iniesta

The Spain international says his team-mates would be wise to continue with the same hunger they had at the start of the season, or risk becoming complacent
Andres Iniesta has warned his Barcelona team-mates that they have not won La Liga yet, but remains confident they will be come out on top come May.

The Blaugrana have enjoyed a record-breaking start to their domestic campaign, dropping just two points in their first 16 games, but the Ballon d'Or contender is adamant that the hard work is yet to come.

"We would be wrong to think that [we have won La Liga]," he was quoted as saying by Sport.

"Without a doubt, we've been very good, and to be happy at this point would be easy. But I am convinced that if we think that, we will suffer.

"The team have to be good and continue with our current mindset and intensity, otherwise we could lose. Every season is a story that may seem very familiar, and we are almost all the same players.

"This season, we are motivated as last year, when we fought to the end for La Liga and the Champions League."

Iniesta will find out on Monday whether his exploits with Barca and Spain will lead to Ballon d'Or success, but feels that his team-mates deserve credit.

"The good things that happen to you motivate you to continue to grow, that's always my point of view. I do not ever lose that aim for anything, whether good or bad.

"I appreciate that my game, my way of doing things, is valued. I feel lucky to be there when there are players at such a great level. We all look forward to being there.

"In the end, we all know that we are elected, but each team-mate has a piece because we must not forget that it is a collective game."

Finally, Iniesta claimed that he tried to put on a brave face when he heard of Tito Vilanova's cancer relapse.

"Like everything in life, when there is a blow, it is hard to take, you have to take strength, and if anything, fight ever more for those that do not have the strength or health that we may have.

"You have to take a positive stance and pull from the front."