Ghana clubs must pay referees - Administrator

The owner of a lower division team says the best way to get referees to perform is for the Ghana league clubs to allocate part of their sponsorship money to remunerate them

Veteran football administrator Jonathan Abbey-Pobee has suggested that clubs in the Ghana Premier League must pay referees to bring out the best in terms of officiating.

Abbey-Pobee, who is the chairman of Neoplan Stars, a division three side based in Kumasi said it is high time such means were adopted to avoid the unnecessary delays in the payment of match officials.

He added that the Ghana Football Association’s inability to settle the arrears of officials have added to the unimaginable heights of corruption of referees.

“The 16 premier league clubs should see to it that referees are well catered for, part of the sponsorship money should be used to pay the referees because without them we can’t have a good league,” Abbey-Pobee told Uniiq FM.

He slammed the level of officiating in the ongoing Ghanaian top flight and called on referees to lift up their game so as to have a clean league.

“The whole country is corrupt including journalists, but for me I have repented so I don’t give bribes any longer,” the man, who described himself as a “born again” claimed.

Abbey-Pobee again tasked sports journalists to live above reproach and not involve in corrupt practices likely to tarnish the image of the noble profession.