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The wife of the Ghana defender says the defender is the one who is seeking divorce and fingers must not be pointed at her because she has done her part to protect the marriage

Henrietta Mensah, wife of the general skipper of the Black Stars, John Mensah, has pointed accusing fingers at her husband for trying to destroy their marriage.

Henrietta who is alleged to have filed for divorce at an Accra High Court said she wants to save the marriage, but the guardsman feels otherwise

“I don’t want the marriage to come this way but it has come to a point that I don’t have anything to do now… my parents are still married, why must I destroy my marriage,” she said to Radio XYZ. “It’s my husband who doesn’t want to keep the marriage.”

“…I’m not such a bad wife,” she noted.

Henrietta added: “We started from nowhere and by God’s grace we’ve been lifted to this place. If I’m a bad wife, we couldn’t have lived [together] for such a long time, so there’s something somewhere…If I’m not a good wife, I can’t take care of four children while my husband is away working.”

According to her, “the divorce is from John Mensah but you will take it that I took it to court so it’s me, but seriously when you look at things well, it’s not my fault…I don’t know the reason why. He only knows the reason why.”

The mother of four said she does not remember the last time she spoke to the Rock of Gibraltar.

“It’s quite long. I don’t know,” she recalled. “He doesn’t call any child of his. I give everything to God…and I believe God can make a way where there’s no way.”