Introducing Ghana’s latest feature - From grass to grace: An African football success story Ghana is adding another weekly feature to its rich list of editorial content as it strives to maintain its status as the premier source of authentic Ghanaian football news
In celebration of the many African footballers who have emerged from the harshest economic and social backgrounds prevalent in most parts of the continent to levels of prestige and success they could only have dreamed of earlier in their lives, Ghana - your premier source of authentic and current Ghanaian football news and rich editorial content - would, from April 6, 2013, introduce a fresh series that chronicles the career of a fictional African footballer whose life travelled a similar trajectory.

This column - to be regularly narrated by one of the edition's writers, Nana Frimpong, for its duration - would be featured every Saturday. To add to the suspense and intrigue of it all, the identity of our 'mystery' footballer would be kept under wraps until the very final episode of the 12-part series.

Hopefully, our loyal readers would patronise this latest addition to our already exciting range of content with as much enthusiasm and pleasure as they do the remainder.