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The ‘One Man Supporter’ is ready to take the social commentator on if he fails to come out clean on happenings in the Ghana camp during the 2013 Afcon

The president of the Ghana National Supporters Union (GHANSU) Abraham Boakye popularly known as “One Man Supporter” has stated that he will drag social commentator Appiah Kofi aka Appiah Stadium to court.

According to Boakye, if Appiah Kofi does not come out and tell the whole country what actually happened during the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa he will drag him to court for causing fear and panic to the nation.

“It is not [because] of the John Painstil issue that I will drag Appiah Stadium to court because I am not his spokesperson,” he told Konongo-based Kings Radio.

“The management did not look after the players well despite all the money the government pumped, they did not guide the players and were part of the various acts, if Appiah Stadium does not come out and tell the whole nation what actually happened I will send him to court for causing fear and panic.”

“For the betterment of Ghana Football, Appiah Stadium cannot say that Kwesi Nyantakyi says he should stop otherwise it will cause problems. I am giving him up to the end of today if he does not come out clearly on all the things that happened I will drag him to court.”