I didn’t attend to nature’s call during the game with RTU - Amidaus goalkeeper

The newly-promoted side's gloves man claims he did not seek permission to attend to nature's call as widely reported in the media and insists it wasn't wrong if he actually did

Amidaus Professionals goalkeeper Eric Antwi has denied media reports that he suffered from a stomach upset and had to seek permission from the match officials to attend to nature’s call midway into the premier league game against Real Tamale United at the Baba Yara Stadium.

The said unusual act has gained a widespread media attention but the goalkeeper said that was not what actually happened.

“I wouldn’t have felt shy to admit if I actually did what is being speculated in the media but that said incident didn’t happen and I don’t know why people have written that about me without finding out,” Antwi told Storm FM.

“It is true that I went to the dressing room but it was the referee who spotted that I wore white underwear and it had begun to show up so he told me to go and change it because it could conflict with the opponent’s jersey which was the same colour.”

He added: “I then rushed to the dressing room upon his permission to change it but when I was returning to the pitch I heard some jeers and laughing from the fans but I didn’t know what actually the reason was.

“A friend called me today to tell me what he has read in the news but as I said it is not true.”

The Tema-based side have been very impressive in the Ghana league in their maiden season lying joint third with 27 points.