Ghalca signs MoU with Global Media Alliance to boost sponsorship

Ghalca has entered into a pact with Global Media Alliance to make the Presidential Cup and the newly-created Ghalca Cup more attractive
The Ghana League Club Association (GHALCA) has signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding with Global Media Alliance to help in the running of the league as far as sponsorship is concerned.

The partnership between the two bodies is well grounded as far as sponsorship is concerned and Global Media Alliance will help in seeking sponsorship for all GHALCA activities.

“GHALCA will be embarking on the usual Top Four and President Cup competitions and now there is going to be the GHALCA Cup, GHALCA workshop, as well as GHALCA blood bank and the partnership will help us to get sponsors for all this activities,” Alhaji Raji who is the chairman of the association stated.

“This year also there are some innovations as the President Cup will go international, we will invite a club from abroad and should Caf increase our slots for Africa, the winner of the newly established GHALCA Cup will represent Ghana.”

“The GHALCA Cup will include all the teams in Division One and the premier division whilst the blood donation will start in Accra and Kumasi,” he emphasised adding that there is going to be insurance policies and the GHALCA workshop which will be held twice a year will help football administrators.