Goal.com Ghana hits 20,000+ likes on Facebook

The biggest football website in the country has seen an exponential growth in its online community just three months after it was established
Goal.com Ghana has hit the 20,000 mark on its official Facebook page. The impressive feat has been achieved just three months after it was established.

The online Facebook community has been growing steadily in the last three months at an average that has amazed the editors of the football site.

Since its inception in July 2012, the website has run exclusive news and interviews with top Ghanaian footballers like Bennard Kumordzi, Eric Bekoe and Asamoah Gyan as well as breaking local transfer news in real time. Our unique editorial contents stand tall from others, and we have proven to be the first point of call when it comes to authenticating local and international news.

Our growth has shown the intense nature by which Ghanaian football fans want to keep up with breaking news about their favourite players and clubs from all around the world, something that the site offers to them.

The growth of the site’s Facebook page has also confirmed it to be the fastest growing football community on the web.

Our appreciation goes to our numerous fans and would-be fans around the world.