Management of New Edubiase United to hold crisis meeting due to friction created after talk of proposed sale

The management of the FA Cup winners want to end the impasse which could scatter their campaign in the upcoming season Ghana understands that the management of New Edubiase United are holding a meeting today to end the feud after talk of a proposed sale is almost ledaing to some cracks among the managemnt team.

It’s been reported that Honourable David Lamptey, a chief financier of the club wants to acquire seventy percent of the ownership and that has been confirmed by all members of the management team.

But the aspect of the former legislator keeping 200,000 dollars that came out of player sales has broken the front of the team.

Some of them say the management is being denied the money because they are not paving way for him (Lamptey) to purchase the club.

But the others believe he did to so to avoid a non-prudential use of the money.

“Honourable Lamptey will not use 200,000 dollars for anything, this man is worth far more than that and if you look at his investment in the club and what he has even promised to do, I will be surprised if people say he has taken our money,” one of the management members spoke to  Ghana on conditions of anonymity.

In the wake of the tension, the president of the club, Abdul Salam Yakubu has resigned and fingered his younger brother, Abu Salam as the one behind the misunderstanding.

With the resignation of Abdul Salam Yakubu who was against the sale of the club, it is not to clear whether the transaction will go ahead.

An amount of 1million dollars has been quoted.

It is also not too clear whether David Lamptey has been irked about the way the issue has been handled in the media.

The management fear his financial withdrawal could make their plans hit a snag including their participation in next season’s Caf confederations cup hence the push for the meeting.