I was offered $300,000 to lose 2006 World Cup game against Czech Republic – Richard Kingson

The shot-stopper said before a large congregation of popular Pastor T.B Joshua’s church in Nigeria that the Europeans wanted to bribe him to concede goals
Former Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingson has claimed he rejected a $300,000 offer to throw away a World Cup match against the Czech Republic in 2006.

The 34-year-old explained that the bribe was to ensure the Black Stars lost 2-0 to the eastern European country in the group stage.

Kingson and his wife, Adelaide Tawiah, have been in the news this week after it was alleged that the latter confessed to controversial Nigerian pastor TB Joshua that she bewitched the shot-stopper, putting his career in disarray and making him impotent.

The former Blackpool last line of defense admitted to weighing up the options before deciding against accepting the offer from the European country in Ghana’s maiden World Cup appearance.

“I got confused weighing the options of getting richer by $300,000 after that match, whereas all that I would get in the event of a Ghana victory would be much less - just $3,000," the keeper told Emmanuel TV, the church's broadcast arm.

According to Kingson, his wife was the biggest influence in his refusal of the offer.

"A Ghanaian led me to some people to take a bribe and it was this woman [his wife] who delivered me and delivered Ghanaians. I was very confused and I didn’t know what to do but I called her and told her.

“But my wife said, 'Richard, I love you not because of your money, so don't get tempted by this offer to lose your dignity and credibility,” he said.

Ghana beat the Czechs 2-0 in that game. The four-time African champions went on to qualify for the knock-out phase and Kingson went on to be one of the top three goalkeepers in that global showpiece.

There has been no official reaction from the FA of Czech Republic since Kingson made the revelation over the weekend.