Pesoli chains himself to FIGC headquarters after receiving three-year ban in Scommessopoli scandal

The defender is protesting his punishment for his role in the current Italian match-fixing probe, and demands a face-to-face meeting with the key witnesses in the case
Former Siena defender Emanuele Pesoli has chained himself to the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) headquarters in Rome in order to protest his three-year ban for his involvement in the Scommessopoli scandal.

The 31-year-old was severely punished for his role in the match-fixing probe as he was found guilty of committing sporting fraud, and Pesoli has now chained himself to the body's offices as well as going on a hunger strike.

The defender, who signed with Verona earlier this summer, is demanding to meet face-to-face with key witnesses Carlo Gervasoni and Filippo Carobbio, who were not available for questioning in court by the accused parties.

“I want a confrontation in the courts on this injustice so I can defend myself properly,” Pesoli told reporters.

“My only mistake was answering that damn phone call when they asked me to sell the game. But I said no! I am innocent and I will prove it.

“This is a strong protest, but they are ruining my life for something I didn’t do. Before I am forced to give up football, I want to fight with all my strength.

“I will wait here for someone from the FIGC, hopefully President Giancarlo Abete.”

Pesoli's suspension was based on the same evidence that saw Juventus coach Antonio Conte banned for 10 months on Friday.

The appeals process is set to start on August 20.