Arsenal will face Manchester City 'on full cylinders' - Wenger

The Gunners boss feels that a failure to impose themselves offensively let them down against Manchester United and wants to fix that when they visit the Etihad Stadium
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says that his side have learned from their defeats by Manchester United and Napoli and will face Manchester City "on full cylinders".

The Red Devils toppled the Premier League leaders 1-0 on November 10, the Gunners' only domestic loss since the opening day, and the Frenchman feels that a lack of attacking impetus let them down.

"The only blip we had was at Manchester United and people forget that United had two shots on target and they scored a goal off a shoulder from a corner," Wenger told reporters, "but we were not completely ourselves, offensively, and that's what we want to do better in this game, to be dangerous offensively.

"It took us one half to be completely ourselves. I think we have learned from that and we will go into the [City] game on full cylinders."

Arsenal qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League on Wednesday in spite of a 2-0 loss at Napoli, though they missed the opportunity to progress as group winners, meaning they will face one of the seeded sides in the last 16.

Wenger remarked of the ramifications: "We must learn from [the defeat] and then grow again. It's what we want to show at City. We learn from it and we go again.

"I don't see why you should be scared. Let's not forget, as well, that if you are in City's position and they lose, then they are nine points behind, so they have more negative pressure than we have. We have a positive pressure that we can make a big difference with them.

"Last season, when we went to Newcastle on the last day and we absolutely had to win, if we [didn't] win it would be a disaster. Today we are in a position where we can look much more at the game in a positive way.

"There were clouds over the team with the possible elimination in Naples. We can focus completely on the championship now.

"We need to make sure we have the ball," Wenger added of his tactics against City. "When they have the ball, they are dangerous: [David] Silva, [Yaya] Toure, [Sergio] Aguero, [Alvaro] Negredo ... they have potential to be dangerous.

"The task of the two teams will be to stop the opponent from being dangerous offensively but not to forget to get forward. We forgot a little bit to project ourselves forward at Man Utd."