PFA chief Taylor reveals plans for players to attend cultural classes in bid to prevent racism

The subject of abuse has been rife in the world of football over the past two seasons and new measures will bid to put a full stop to unsavoury scenes both on and off the field
PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has announced plans to make players attend cultural classes in a bid to end race rows within English football.

The subject of racism has been thrust into the spotlight in recent seasons with Luis Suarez and John Terry banned for racially abusing opponents on the field of play, while several incidents of racist abuse from supporters have also been recorded.

The England Under-21 team were also subject to scenes of racism and violence aimed at them by both the fans and players of their Serbian counterparts in October.

“Until now we’ve had cultural awareness courses for our apprentices,” Taylor told reporters.

“The plan is to extend these to senior players and coaches, including those from overseas.

“We want to make sure there’s no misunderstanding the rules and regulations on discrimination.”

A perceived lack of response from the Kick It Out campaign in regards to these incidents has led to chairman Lord Ouseley to threaten his resignation from the anti-racism campaign.

He said: “I may not be around. It could be a matter of days.

“I believe there has been a collective failure on the part of people running the game.”