Desailly wants to see more 'crazy' flair at Afcon

The Ghana-born, ex-France international admitted his desire to see something out of the ordinary produced by those less heralded this tournament
Marcel Desailly has lamented seeing the shimmer diminish from the Africa Cup of Nations, as the competition progresses through the quarter-final stage.

Despite praising the endeavour of some of the continent's less-established sides, the 44-year-old former France international expressed disappointment otherwise at a perceived lack of adventure.

"The Afcon has come on in lots of ways, like in organisation and media coverage, but I feel it’s lost a bit of its magic in that regard," Desailly said to

"What’s lacking a little bit are the names you used to get announcing themselves 15 or so years ago. The ones who are playing for local clubs have lost a little bit of that creative sparkle.

"All I can say is, let’s be crazy. Let’s dribble with the ball, try a nutmeg in the box, or a Zidane turn. These days you see a lot less tricks.

"Nevertheless, if you compare this Afcon to the last one, you’ll see that standards are levelling out. I’m delighted to see Burkina Faso establish themselves, while the Cape Verde Islands came out of nowhere.

"I want to see new faces in the final rounds rather than the same teams, who’ve had their chance before."

Minnows Burkina Faso will fancy their chances against Togo on Sunday, although favourites Ghana dispatched Cape Verde with relative ease on Saturday.