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Ahmed Toure: I don’t have HIV and never used a fake passport

Ahmed Toure: I don’t have HIV and never used a fake passport

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The former Asante Kotoko forward says he does not have the AIDS virus and never fled Egypt with a fake passport that he left El Gouna to return next January

Following recent reports that Ahmed Toure has contracted HIV and fled Egypt with a fake passport to an unknown destination, the 25-year-old Ivorian and Burkinabe striker refutes the claims and has provided his most recent virology report to, which proves he has no infection. The former Asante Kotoko player had a chat with’s Kingsley Kobo in Abidjan on Monday to clarify the situation. What are you doing in Abidjan when you were supposed to be in Egypt at your club El Gouna?

Ahmed Toure: The Egyptian league is not in session. It will resume in December, but that was not the reason why I left the country. Let me make it very clear here. I have not signed any professional contract with El Gouna. We agreed on a pre-contract set to begin next January after my medical. Did they put you on a pre contract because they weren’t satisfied with your trial?

Ahmed Toure: No, not that. I think it has to do with the suspension of the Egyptian league following the Port Said tragedy. Perhaps they didn’t want to pay salaries to a new player when he hasn’t started playing. Were there any issues between you and the club before your departure?

Ahmed Toure: Not at all. I heard a spokesperson said I fled the country with a fake passport. The passport is in front of you. You can verify if it’s not genuine, and how did the Egyptian immigration let me out? It’s the same passport and visa I used to fly to Cairo last August. Why do you think there are rumours that you have HIV?

Ahmed Toure: I still don’t know. But it’s all lies and baseless. I sent three medical reports to your media. Now have a look at them here (he presents three A4 sheets containing medical reports carried out at Giza International Hospital in Cairo and signed by Dr Hend El Sherbini, Professor of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Cairo. One of the sheets has as heading: Virology Report, stating HIV Antibody (AIDS Test), Result – Negative). How have you been coping with the rumours?

Ahmed Toure: I was depressed. I told my mum last night that I was going to quit football, but she said “this is just a sign that you are going to be great my son.” I’m strong and healthy. You’ve just watched my game. If the club or any other person has a contrary virology report about me, I hereby challenge them to forward it to anywhere for the public to see. I really want to thank my fans for their support, especially my Ghanaian fans. They have been sending encouraging messages. I love you all. We heard you wanted to play for Ghana after your excellent showing at Asante Kotoko.

Ahmed Toure: Yes, but I was told I must be married to a Ghanaian, which I refused because I already had a fiancée somewhere. You now play for Burkina Faso national team and not Cote D’Ivoire.

Ahmed Toure: Breaking into the star studded Ivorian team is now a hard nut to crack, so I decided to join the Stallions and hope they invite me for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.