VIDEO: They had to train with ONE ball - Now Matabeleland will make their debut at a World Cup!

Paddy Power visited Zimbabwe to who discover more about an inspiring team ahead of their first official football match

Zimbabwe is currently in the midst of major political change. The end of Robert Mugabe’s reign was met with jubilation last year, but the people of Matabeleland, a region in the southern part of the country, will be hoping to celebrate something different this summer.

Matabeleland Select, coached by Englishman Justin Whalley, will be hoping to go all the way at the CONIFA World Cup.

But while glory in a sporting event made to celebrate the underdog would be very much enjoyed by those travelling to London, victory certainly isn’t the be-all and end-all for them, according to president of the Matabeleland Football Confederacy Busani Sibindi.

Matabeleland to make debut at a World Cup

They had to train with ONE ball! But now Matabeleland are ready to make their debut – at a World Cup! Posted by on Friday, May 18, 2018

“Football is more than a hobby for us,” Sibindi said. “Most of the guys who play football in this country use it as an empowerment. They also use it as a way of getting out of other problems that might be affecting them.”

Watch the video above to learn all about Matabeleland Select.

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