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ShotDeadInTheHead have launched a fantastic new selection of retro gear, from Mexico 86 to France 98 and much more, especially for the World Cup

ShotDeadInTheHead have been making and selling t-shirts since 2007; and their products have been featured in both The Times and The Independent, as well as appearing in Vogue's Top 100 Cool List.

There is now a full collection of retro World Cup gear waiting for you in this great store, from Mexico 86 to France 98.

Football’s most iconic moments have been also embraced and created as clothing, with the range including  Beckham’s penalty against Argentina in 2002 and Maradona’s ‘hand of god’ in 1986.

The shop is not limited to World Cup clothing. ShotDeadInTheHead offer officially licensed designs for huge brands such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory. If the product has ‘official’ in the title, it will be printed on a premium product and the t-shirt will be organic.

Click here to visit the store and check out the exciting range of clothing for yourself!