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Could you hold your nerve in a 'Hart Rate moment'?

Could you hold your nerve in a 'Hart Rate moment'?


Step into Manchester City and England keeper Joe Hart’s shoes, to find out how he prepares for his ‘Hart’ Rate Moment out on the pitch ahead of a crucial summer of football

Manchester City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart will be under immense pressure at the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

With the nation's hopes on his shoulders and millions watching around the world, Hart will have to be at the top of his game to help the Three Lions progress in the tournament, and could be called upon to be the hero in the dreaded penalty shootout.

"On the pitch I need to stay focused, alert and be ready to face my heart-racing moment with confidence," Hart says.

"It’s in that moment - when millions of fans are holding their breath as the football hurtles towards me at 80mph and all I have is within 0.42 seconds to react - that I need to feel mentally and physically prepared.

"This gives me the self-belief and inner confidence I need to just go for it – no matter what."

Watch the video below to see how the England goalkeeper prepares for his 'Hart' Rate Moments:

Joe Hart is the ambassador for the head&shoulders ‘Hart’ Rate Moment campaign which is all about illustrating the importance of preparation in order to feel confident in a heart racing moment. To find out more search #HartRateMoment