Lampard blames past England managers for failed partnership with Gerrard

The Chelsea midfielder believes that past formations have been to blame for the pair's struggles to combine but thinks that the situation has changed under Roy Hodgson
Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard blames his failure to establish a partnership with Steven Gerrard for England down to unhelpful formations under previous managers.

The Blues star points towards a lack of bodies in the midfield leaving the Three Lions struggling to control games over recent years but the use of the likes of Michael Carrick, Tom Cleverley, James Milner and Scott Parker under Roy Hodgson have improved the situation.

Lampard told reporters: "I think it's a myth that we can't play together. There was a lot of talk about Stevie coming to Chelsea a few years ago and I simply can't see how or why we wouldn't have been able to play well together. I don't get that.

"Formation-wise, personally, I think we could've looked at tweaking the formation a few years back if we were going to give it a proper go.

"I've always been looked at as an attacking midfielder but at Chelsea that was with one holding and one on the other side. I'm sure it could've worked for England the same way.

"We kept on trying to play two in the centre of midfield and, at ­international level, there are so many bodies in there.

"It's only recently that we’ve started to put extra bodies in there ourselves and tried to control games or at least match up with other teams.

"When you’re going into a big ­tournament with a 4-4-2 it's not easy being in the middle because you get outnumbered - and you're not being outnumbered against mugs but against top players."