Hodgson: Hectic Premier League schedule harms England chances

The Three Lions manager expresses his frustration again at the packed domestic calendar and calls for clubs to manage their players' fitness in a responsible manner
England manager Roy Hodgson feels that the Premier League should adopt more, shorter breaks in the season to avoid harming the national side's chances in summer matches.

The 65-year-old also wants English clubs to be more responsible about the way in which they manager their players' fitness.

"For all us football coaches in England who would dearly love to see our season spread out slightly differently, if you can come up with what we've been saying then we would be very grateful," Hodgson told the Isokinetic Medical Convention at Wembley on Monday.

"I find a shorter break now and again is much better than those long breaks so I don't think the best way to keep players fit is to push them through 60 games in eight-and-a-half months and then have three-and-a-half months with no football.

"It might be better if we spread the load a little bit differently and we give them more breaks and certainly a break in the middle of the season.

"I have been on record before saying I am in favour of it but I know there is one colleague working in England who doesn't agree with me. However, it is a complicated subject.

"The problem is that you have to accept the season you have been given, as frustrating as it is. If you don't take the national team into consideration, most players at the top clubs play 50 games a season.

"If you then add eight or nine games onto that with national-team football, you have got 55 to 60 games a season."