Would you dye your hair red, white and green if Italy won Euro 2012? Make your Hyundai pledge

From taking your grandmother paragliding to running around the streets wearing only your country's flag - what would you do or give for your team to win the European Championship?
And then there were two. The stakes have never been higher as Spain prepare to take on Italy for Euro 2012 glory - but what will you pledge to do if your nation comes out on top?

Hyundai's 'Make A Pledge' campaign is asking fans to show how much their team means to them by revealing what they would do if their country was to be crowned champions of Europe in Kiev on Sunday.

For every pledge Hyundai receive, they will donate €1 to the 'Street Football World' organisation, with nearly 11,000 made so far.

Hyundai have also promised to donate €250,000 to the youth football charity who look to empower young people through the power of the beautiful game.
The striker spoke exclusively to Hyundai and was keen to warn opponents of Italy's game-changing players. You can view the interview HERE.

With the grand finale of the tournament taking place at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday, we take a look at the most amusing, thoughtful and bizarre pledges made by supporters of the two finalists.

For the Azzurri, Davide Puppa has pledged to dye his hair red, white and green in the style of the national flag if Italy win the Euros. Marwan Announ, meanwhile, says he will name his first child after an Italy player if they emerge victorious.

Matteo Collu has promised to sing the national anthem every day for a week if Cesare Prandelli can secure the trophy, while Carlos Pinto says he will run around the streets wearing just the Italy flag.

On the Spanish side, Antonio Pena Perez has pledged to wear his La Roja shirt to work every day for a week if they win the tournament, while Lauren Dulaney will get a tattoo of the national team crest.

Mohsin Malik has commendably promised to dedicate his life to helping the poor of Spain succeed, while Cynthia Carrasco has creatively offered to take her grandmother paragliding.

You can make your pledge and show your dedication by visiting the campaign's page on Facebook.

Hyundai are also offering prizes to fans who get involved, including 40 footballs signed by the Team Hyundai ambassadors Karim Benzema, Iker Casillas, Giuseppe Rossi, Lukas Podolski and Daniel Sturridge, as well as a pair of goalkeeper gloves signed by Casillas and a pair of boots signed by Benzema.