Charlton match halted by... 3,000 pigs?

Addicks fans allied with visiting Coventry supporters to protest against both clubs' owners by flinging plastic animals onto the pitch at the Valley, causing disruption to the game


It's up there among the most unusual disturbances ever seen at a football match... pigs stopped play!

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That was exactly what happened at Saturday's League One encounter between Charlton Athletic and Coventry City, where both sets of supporters held up the game by throwing around 3,000 plastic pigs onto the pitch at the Valley.

It was a joint protest by the supporters at how each of their respective clubs is being run - and it resulted in the game being halted for several minutes as stewards tried to pick up every last pig from the turf.

Roland Duchatelet 'enjoys' the widespread fury of the Charlton supporters, while hedge fund managers Sisu have been heavily criticised by the Coventry faithful over years of unsettlement.