Rooney: Mata is my footballing Yoda and Alan Stubbs is my Jedi Master

The England striker has also revealed which Star Wars characters he would pick in his own team with Chewbacca and BB-8 getting the nod


He may have won the World Cup, the Champions League and the Premier League, but Juan Mata has now also won the dubious honour of being described as a "footballing Yoda".

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney likened him to the Spanish playmaker while talking all things Star Wars, and also revealed who his own personal 'Jedi Master' is.

"My footballing Yoda would be Juan Mata," he said when asked about The Force Awakens as part of the government's wider GREAT Britain campaign.

"He is very talented. He's small, obviously like Yoda, and he's very intelligent on and off the pitch. In some ways he's a bit of a genius, so I think him and Yoda fit perfectly.

"If you look at me as a young player, my Jedi Master was certainly Alan Stubbs. He was someone I looked up to and still do."

Rooney was also asked which Star Wars characters he would pick in his team, and opted for power in defence and pace up front - watch out Anthony Martial.

"Chewbacca could probably play centre half and goalkeeper in one, to be honest, with the size of him," he added.

"I'd probably put Yoda in the midfield. He's intelligent, he can control the game, he can control things.

"Alongside me up front, I'd probably put BB-8, he's quick and can beat the offside trap."