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Football is undoubtedly a high-pressure game but it is those responsible for keeping the players in one piece who sometimes lose their cool...

You arrive at work, clean sponge and bucket in hand, and sit down on the bench for 90 minutes. Baring a grazed knee, or a bump to the head to nurse, it should be a pleasant day all in all.

For some physios though, the pressure gets too much...

Check this fella out. The score is all tied at 2-2 in a play-off semi-final of Brazil's fourth division. Seeing his side in danger, the physio - not once, but TWICE - denies the opposition a goal with two miraculous blocks.

With the match officials seemingly ignoring the interference, Tupi players looked to take matters into their own hands and chased the physio out of the stadium. Madness.

Meanwhile, in Chile, La Equidad's man with the sponge takes physio madness to whole new level...

It's the Copa Sudamericana clash between Cobreloa and La Equidad. The setting: Estadio Regional Calvo y Bascunan.

Cobreloa striker Miguel Angel Cuellar has left La Equidad keeper Diego Novoa in a heap on the floor, following a heavy challenge. Naturally, his team-mates gather round in protest. Standard stuff. But what happens next is anything but.

Out of nowhere, the La Equidad physio charges into view, unleashing a headbutt on the striker, as players continue to brawl on the pitch.

Don't expect to catch England's Gary Lewin up to those antics any time soon.