Extra Time: Cash-strapped Costa Rican clubs trade player for 50 balls

Roger Fallas' contract was close to expiring, so Puma's technical director only demanded training ground equipment for him to join the newly-promoted first division side
Universidad de Costa Rica have signed Roger Fallas from second division side Puma in exchange for 50 footballs.

The 26-year-old's contract was running out when the newly-promoted side showed an interest, so the club's technical director decided not to propose a fee for the 'transfer'.

Rigoberto Chinchilla did want to make sure Puma received something from the deal, though, and instead demanded something a little more affordable than a fee.

"I asked for 50 balls, it's all sorted," Chinchilla told Radio Monumental.

"They asked me what the matter is with Roger. I told them that it is a privilege to watch him and I will not close the doors for him to get better and play in the first division."

It has been reported that the economic problems in the Liga de Ascenso are notorious, with some clubs only paying expenses for travel to away games rather than salaries.

Puma actually missed out on promotion after losing in the second division play-offs against UCR less than one month ago.