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The infamous incident in the 2006 World Cup final was recently immortalised as a statue in the French capital, and the veteran Italy defender has apparently found the funny side

Marco Materazzi has taken to Twitter to demonstrate his views on the controversial Zinedine Zidane headbutt monument recently erected in Paris.

The infamous moment between the two players in the 2006 World Cup final was commemorated in impressive - albeit bizarre - fashion earlier this year, when a five-metre high bronze statue of the confrontation was unveiled in Paris outside the Pompidou Centre in September.

The structure, sculpted by Algerian artist Adel Abdesseme, has caused consternation in some quarters with the incident regarded as a major blight on the stellar career of former Real Madrid star Zidane.

Materazzi, however, has clearly found the funny side of the sculpture, taking to the social media outlet to send a picture showing him seated at the feet of the two figures.

After initially posting a picture of just the feet of the statue, along with the caption "Guess where I am?", the former Inter defender then showed a photograph picturing him seated on the boot of his bronze doppleganger.

Materazzi admitted provoking Zidane into the act after making comments about his sister during the first half of the showpiece final in Berlin, which Italy ultimately went on to win on penalties.

Despite the depiction of him staggering backwards from the impact of the Frenchman's attack, it seems Materazzi remains unmoved by the incident to this day.