Extra Time: Wojciech Szczesny pays for kids' birthday party after being recognised in restaurant

In a season that has already seen the Polish stopper gain huge popularity in the red side of north London, his latest act of generosity will further endear him to football fans

We at Extra Time love a free meal as much as the next man and it's encouraging to learn that the next generation of hungry scroungers is breaking through, largely thanks to Wojciech Szczesny's generosity.

The Arsenal goalkeeper has made a big impression on the Premier League this season and the 21-year-old Pole further endeared himself to football fans everywhere (except White Hart Lane) by choosing to pay a bill for a birthday meal on a nearby table last weekend.

The Loughborough Echo reported that a table of 20 youngsters spotted the shot-stopper while he was out eating. Szczesny appeared only too happy to sign autographs and pose for photos - literally the most exciting thing in the world as a wee youth - before slipping away from the restaurant.

But he had one last gesture left in his locker. Szczesny chose to pay for the entire table's meal on his departure, without informing anyone. That is stealth generosity at its finest and the kind of act that puts him high in Extra Time's esteem.

The moral of the story? If you spot Szczesny ANYWHERE - grab a kid and buy them something expensive. Always hold his gaze...

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