Word on the Tweet: Premier League stars flock to Beyonce concert

Raheem Sterling is left hanging, Romelu Lukaku tries to decide on a massive summer transfer, Sammy Ameobi lives the good life and Rio Ferdinand hints at a career in darts
WOTT knows what you're thinking. Exactly what did Premier League footballer's make of Beyonce's latest bootytastic gig? Well look no further, we round-up all reaction to her latest London show.

Also in the news, Audely Harrison retires from being hit in the face and Gary Lineker offers a solitary moment of reflection on that earth-shattering revelation. 

Elsewhere, Raheem Sterling is left hanging, Sammy Ameobi's mum is awesome and Romelu Lukaku hints at a mega summer move, all that and more in Wednesday's edition of Word on the Tweet...

"Beyonce at the O2 tonight!!!!"
Andy Carroll lets his hair down, literally, by getting down to the pop diva's latest London gig. Well, he does have good feet for a big man.

"Great night at the O2 watching Beyonce!! #shecanmove"
While Carroll's team-mate Matt Jarvis joined the Geordie striker to take in some world-class booty shaking. Guess you could say he was the striker's wing-man, right?

"First gig yesterday and what a gig to choose! Beyonce was unbelievable!"
While Norwich shot-stopper John Ruddy had a ruddy good time losing his gig-going virginity at the very same show.

"Have you ever seen anyone play both handed like Ronnie? He is frightening when on his game! #cueballcontrol"
Elsewhere, Manchester United's reserve goalkeeper, Ben Amos, had a much quieter time marvelling at the ambidextrous talents of Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan at the Crucible.

"Darts..a real mans sport?! What defines a 'real' mans sport?? No rolling around after minimal contact..accepting all refs decisions etc??"
Real men play darts rather than football, according to, err, footballer Rio Ferdinand. WOTT smells sarcasm in the air.

"Just as you started to feel Audley Harrison was getting somewhere, he goes and retires"
Gary Lineker sends a tearful tweet, no doubt still enjoying his Sydney 2000 Olympics DVD. 

"@AndyTCarroll waiting for the follow back #Bigman"
Little man Raheem Sterling is left hanging by big man Andy Carroll. WOTT presumes he was also snubbed for the Beyonce concert. Awkward.

"Ooooh breakfast in bed #luyoumaaa"
This is how Sammy Ameobi starts his day. WOTT encourages Mama Ameobi to stop fending for Sammy, he is a big boy now. Not quite as big as Shola, mind.

"My tactics nearly working here come on Madrid !!!!!!! FIFA style"
Robert 'The Special One' Snodgrass coming to a dugout near you soon.

"Barcelona or Bayern???"
Either Romelu Lukaku is gauging public opinion ahead of tonight's Champions League showdown, or he has a TRANSFER BOMBSHELL in the pipelines.