Word on the Tweet: Football players everywhere brace for a drop in temperatures

As the weather turns cold, players travel for various matches, Louis Saha practices his English metaphors and Gary Lineker can't hide his disappointment at being out-tanned
It is almost November and after a rather dismal summer weather-wise, temperatures were bound to plummet sooner or later.

But this annual occurrence still presents a shock to our favourite footballers, although for Jason Roberts the change is self-inflicted.

Elsewhere, Gary Neville proves he still never misses a chance to bash a colleague, Michael Owen prepares for another season of bench-warming by embracing technology and it turns out Marvin Sordell has never watched a James Bond movie... really?!

Welcome to Goal.com's round-up of your favourite footballer's weird and wonderful tweets on Word on the Tweet...

"Wow, it's getting cold up North!!"
You can take the boy out of the South, but never the south out of the boy as on-loan Middlesbrough midfielder Josh McEachran shows.

"8.4 degrees in the Ice Bath.......not even a challenge......"
Elsewhere, Reading striker Jason Roberts is inflicting his own temperature drop.

"Try to talk without thinking to calm down a argument it’s like trying to press hard the accelerator when u turn in a rainy day. #breathhhh"
Come on now Sunderland striker Louis Saha, let's drop the metaphorical attempts and stick to the football shall we?

"I never shake hands with a goalkeeper. Not by disrespect, it s just i dont want my hand full of spat from their gloves. Lol"
And while you're at it Louis, probably best to steer clear of these pre-match antics too - we don't want another 'shake-gate' scenario now would we?

"It's taken a while, but finally bumped into someone with a better tan than me. You win @TomDaley1994"

BBC pundit Gary Lineker is gracious in defeat having received a sound beating in the tanning department. Still, a solid 9.4 for effort though Gary.

"'@GeoffShreeves:Beautiful day.On way to interview @WayneRooney as pre-match feature ahead of Chelsea v Man U this sunday!' Don't cock it up"
Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville gives an insight into the Sky's support structure for their colleagues.

"Morning all. Just added a new blog to the News section of my App. It's about people's interpretation of loyalty. Look forward to your views!"
And people thought Stoke City striker and technological genius, Michael Owen just warmed benches for a living... Shame on you all.

"I have never watched a James Bond film but i wanna watch #Skyfall. I have no idea why :s. What should i be expecting?"
Somebody should really tell Bolton striker Marvin Sordell to just watch a James Bond film...

"Can someone wake my #Driver @DannyGraham10 to wake up while driving!"
Wayne Routledge reveals that, bored with his profligate career at Swansea City, Danny Graham has turned to an altogether more dangerous hobby in 'sleepdriving'. Don't try this at home kids.

"Why do people use numbers to describe positions in football..... Is it too much effort to say the actual position???"
And finally, former Hull City midfielder, Richard Garcia lines up his career-move into football punditry with this top quality analysis.